Add On Features

Once you've made a decision about all of the basics of your pool, selecting the add-on options can be the most exciting part!

Below are some ideas of the items you can add to enhance the look, feel and enjoyment of your pool.



Lighting can add a whole new dimension to your poolscape. Outline the shape of your pool with fiber optics and program the lights to change colors or remain a constant color. The options are unbelievable!



Relax to the soothing sound of trickling water. You can choose from floating fountains, spillovers and much more!



The type of decking you choose for your pool area helps complete the look of your outdoor living area, and today there are more choices than ever before. Choose from stone, concrete and many other options to create a unique look.



A pool bar offers a relaxing, convenient place to enjoy refreshments without ever leaving the water. Many pool owners are discovering the rewards of this "resort-style" accessory.



Rock waterfalls create a natural look while adding the soothing sound of falling water to your poolscape.



Create the best of both worlds by adding a spa to your poolside. Then take the next step and create a spillover that creates a natural waterfall!



Nothing beats a good cookout. An outdoor kitchen makes a great addition to your pool and backyard and is great for summer gatherings!



By adding an attractive fence to your poolscape you can increase security by helping to prevent outsiders from entering the area. There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from.



Landscaping can be one of the easiest additions to your poolscape, yet can have the most impact!



A great addition for cooler tempatures, an outdoor firepit allows you to enjoy your backyard even longer throughout the year!